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Many of our customers who are researching mold cleanup, mold removal, or mold remediation services are pleasantly surprised to discover AirSciences offers a free mold inspection service. At AirSciences, we are here to help, and in the spririt of truly helping our customers, we continue to offer our FREE* Mold and Moisture Inspection, which includes:


  • Visual inspection (to identify active mold growth and sources of moisture)
  • Moisture content readings of suspect materials
  • Environmental Readings (Temperature & Humidity)
  • Airborne Particle Analysis, using Lighthouse 3016 Laser Particle Counter
  • Mildly-invasive boroscope inspections when necessary
  • Assessment of ventilation and building performance concerns
  • If necessary, a written mold remediation scope of work furnished as a proposal with a contract price.


*Property Owner/Manager must provide consent to perform mold inspections in rental situations. There is no charge and no obligation whatsoever!



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Mold Help

The terms mold removal, mold mitigation, mold remediation, and mold cleanup are all common phrases used to describe the treatment and/or removal of active mold from a structure.  None of them imply a particular level of experience, education, or training. Make sure anyone addressing an environmental concern, especially mold, is qualified to help you.

Did You Know?

Attic mold is often not the result of a leak or catastrophic water damage. Attic mold is commonly caused by improper, conflicting, or restricted ventilation. During cold temperatures, if warm moist air from the house penetrates the attic and is not properly exhausted, it will cause condensation to form on roofing materials. If the problem persists, mold will begin to grow on the organic building materials, like wood. Attic mold can be a variety of colors, but black mold and white mold are the most common. Unfortunately, the problem often requires professional mold remediation services to correct it. If you are concerned about attic mold, contact AirSciences today to schedule mold testing or a free mold inspection.

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